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Posted on 2008.08.13 at 01:02
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I jump on thee with my drabblethang prompts for Skins. Based around the Seven Deadly Sins, with an added one of course, because the main cast is eight. -_-'

I should warn you, I found the prompt and wrote all the fics under the heavy influence of caffine in under 10 minutes. Which is fast for me. So I apologise for spelling mistakes and grammer mistakes and general retardedness.

By the way, they're not connected in any way. Just randomly set things. All before series two, though. 

And there are a few bits of swearing in there. But if you need warning about that...then why are you watching Skins?

AND, because I almost forgot, I obviously don't own Skins or the BBC or the actors or anything like that of course. :) 

Title: Guilt.
Character: Anwar
Word Count: 100
Setting: Some time after the Russia Episode. 1x06. 
Summ.: Anwar reflects on what's he's done to his friend.
GuiltCollapse )

Title: Pride
Character: Michelle
Word Count: 150
Setting: Some time after the Russia Episode. 1x06.
Summ.: Michelle convinces herself. 
PrideCollapse )

Title: Envy
Character: Sid
Word Count: 175
Setting: Anytime before Season Two, really. 
Summ.: Sid sulks. 
EnvyCollapse )

Title: Gluttony.
Character: Cassie.
Word Count: 125.
Setting: Anytime.
Summ.: Cassie arranges food. Mentions of anorexia.
GluttonyCollapse )

Title: Greed
Character: Chris
Word Count: 165
Setting: Anytime pre S2. 
Summ.: Chris is at a party.
GreedCollapse )

Title: Wrath
Character: Jal 
Word Count: 145
Setting: Anytime pre S2. 
Summ.: Jal allows herself to think about a secret. Implications that Jal has anger issues.
WrathCollapse )

Title: Lust
Character: Tony 
Word Count: 200
Setting: Uh, between episodes six and seven of Season One. 
Summ.: Tony sees girls, Michelle isn't there, Maxxie is fun to confuse. Slashy for about one sentence, because Tony is gay/straight, hetroflexible, metrosexul, anything you wanna call it. 
LustCollapse )

Title: Sloth
Character: Maxxie. 
Word Count: 340
Setting: Random times. 
Summ.: When he doesn't want to get up after a party. Slashy undertones, if you're obsessed like me. 
SlothCollapse )

Yeah, Maxxie kinda gets off easy on his, because he's my favourite. 

Hope the cuts worked. O.o

Might sleep now. 

*passes out*


R.I.P. RP.

Posted on 2008.07.25 at 21:04
Current Mood: sadsad
 Randy Pausch died today. :( 


That's for anyone who wants to listen to one of his talks.

He truly was amazing.


My untimely return.. 0.o

Posted on 2008.07.25 at 15:28
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Wooo, I return! 

/ghostly voice. 

Um, yeah, not all that much to say, just figured i'd give the ol' journal a bump. So. You know. BUMP. 

I also recently friended ljsecret, and thelifelist, which I would link, but I'm a bit too useless. All the same, I advise people to have a look, they're very interesting. And whilst we're on the topic, I'm pretty big on all those kinda sites, so I can also recommend veryliberating.com, postsecret.blogspot.com and some various webcomics that might make you smile. xkcd.com, questionablecontent.net - it's not what you think- and smbc-comics.com. 


I'm frantically scrabbling the recesses of my mind for something remotely interesting to say...but I got zilch. 

Well, you know. I guess I bumped it and recommened some fun, so who knows. Maybe I'll post something good next time. :]

But for now, I'm off to read bash.org...the quote site for tards.


Dr. Who

Posted on 2008.05.17 at 19:52
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Wow. Everyone knows the producers just love playing with us. I predict ficcage! 

Gahh, cuts are not working! Meta?Collapse )


Doctor Who

Posted on 2008.05.10 at 20:21
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[= Boo. 

Hellooo there. I bring teh ficcage. 

Title: Drums.
Show: Doctor Who.
Setting: "The Doctor's Daughter." 
Pairing: Doctor/Master implied. 
Summary: The gun is cold. When things are cold, there's trouble. 




DrumsCollapse )






Posted on 2008.02.09 at 12:19
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Sweet Child Of Mine, Guns 'N' roses

Woots, I've just had my guitar lesson again today. :) How awesome. And then I couldn't stop listening to "Sweet Child Of Mine", by Guns 'N' Roses. 


*Air Guitars*

I can't even air guitar the solo, it's so good and so fast and EEEEEE. 

If I ever meet Slash, I will seriously probably just burst into flames. 

So, a pointless blog detailing my love for slash. In both ways of the word. :D 

And to make sure you know I still love you, and haven't abandonded you. =) 

Posted on 2008.01.23 at 21:41
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I'm probably taking this too hard, but OMGZ. 


How will Jake survive without him? 

Yes, since Jack and Ennis are just SOGODDAMNCUTE on-screen, it's now also become half Heath and Jake in my mind. ==p Well, no, not really, but EEEEK.

I think I will vent my feelings through some ANGST BROKEBACK SLASH. 




Posted on 2007.12.30 at 17:09
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

Thank you so much. I have the best virtual christmas presents ever courtesy of this wonderful gifter, in the form of GuyRobin icons and banners. They are LOVE. 

This was just what I needed to cheer me up after the disaster of a broken computer and then Saturday's episode. which i'm still not over. I mean, honestly.


Saturday's Robin Hood.

Posted on 2007.12.30 at 13:03
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Saturday's Robin Hood Series Finale.


*watch this space for possible meta* 
*The Possible Meta Has Arrived.*Collapse )

....I'm actually wondering if the whole thing was an elaborate joke.


Merry Christmas...

Posted on 2007.12.23 at 20:17
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So it's only a few days til Christmas, and I thought I could play Santa and drop off a present. A slashy little present. A slashy little songfic.

Title: Pain
Series: Robin Hood
Characters: Guy/Robin
Summary: Robin and Guy end up giving in to each other...but it still doesn't mean anything.
Disclaimer: Robin Hood? Not mine. The song? Pain, by Three Days Grace. Again...not mine.
Warning: Dark. Rating is over a T, but not really a bad M...just be cautious.

[[The only thing in the wholw world that can shatter him, and to be shattered is all he wants..]]Collapse )

Oooooh. Guy/Robin. OTP. *hearts*

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